Priya 360

At Priya, we prioritize the well-being of our cattle and the quality of our milk. From our farms to your doorstep, our milk goes through rigorous testing at every stage. We ensure 100% quality assurance through testing at our farms, cold store, packaging, and random consumer samples. With no harmful additives or preservatives, you can trust our farm-fresh milk to be pure and safe. Experience the highest quality milk delivered with care.

Our Process

From Our Farm To Your Doorstep & Priya 360

Enhancing our Milk's Quality

In our advanced processing unit, milk undergoes meticulous treatment to ensure safety, extend shelf life, and preserve flavor and nutrition. Cutting-edge technologies and strict quality control measures achieve optimal pasteurization, homogenization, and texture.

Testing at Multiple Levels

Our milk goes through rigorous testing from our QA Department at every stage: from our farms,testing it at our chilling centres,processing plants, during packaging, and even after it reaches you. We also conduct random tests from consumer samples. With thorough testing at each level, we guarantee 100% quality. Enjoy pure and safe milk from us.

Freshness on the Move

Swift transportation from farms to our dairy facilities maintains milk freshness. Our temperature-controlled vehicles with advanced technologies ensure its pristine condition throughout the journey.

Packaging for Fresh Delights

We package our processed milk with care using high-quality, sustainable materials. Our aesthetically pleasing packaging ensures freshness, longevity, and product protection while minimizing environmental impact.

Hygienic Milk Production

Our healthy cattle are milked with care and strict adherence to hygiene standards. Our diligent team maintains a clean and sanitized environment to preserve the milk's quality and natural goodness.

Seamless Distribution: Freshness at Priya Parlours

from our production facilities directly to Priya Parlours, ensuring its superior quality and flavor. Enjoy the convenience of accessing Priya Milk and milk products at our exclusive Priya Parlours, and make use of our convenient delivery option for a hassle-free experience.

Cattle Care for Pureness

At Priya, we prioritize the well-being of our cattle by providing them with a nutrient-rich diet. Our expert farmers cultivate the finest quality grains, grass, and fodder to ensure optimal nutrition for superior milkproduction.

Delicious Dairy Made Easy

Visit our Priya Parlours to get our pure milk and delightful range of dairy products. Enjoy the ease of doorstep delivery by simply placing a call and having your favorite Priya products delivered directly to you. For a seamless shopping experience, subscribe to our Priya app, downloadable from the Play Store and Apple Store.